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Revenue Generation


AppCarousel’s Monetization Suite and App Marketplace enables you to create a branded app marketplace and developer portal where you can distribute and monetize all types of digital goods to your users and devices while creating a vibrant ecosystem around your products and services. Learn more about AppCarousel’s Monetization Suite>

IoT Deployments


Becoming part of the Internet of Things is now an essential part of the strategy of almost every business. Our cloud commerce platform comes with a range of flexible IoT connectivity, management, and monetizing options for everything in IoT from apps and content through to software management and big data. Learn more about AppCarousel’s IoT Management Platform>

App Management


Our platform comes with a suite of app and software management tools enabling you to securely distribute, update, manage, and monetize digital assets across your users, devices, and vehicles. Learn more about AppCarousel’s App and Software Marketplaces>

We’re your
IoT app experts

If you need to distribute apps, software, or firmware to your users’ devices or vehicles we’re your experts. Our platform gives you complete control of your ecosystem, taking away the complexity of software downloading and updating for the lifetime of those users and devices. Learn more about our software management and distribution platform solutions. HERE >

Amplify Tablet
In-car infotainment

Marketplace solutions ready for the demands of your app strategy

If you are considering an app store to offer value-added features to your core offering, or if apps are the centerpiece of your entire media strategy, our App Marketplace platform has the flexibility and scalability to meet your vision. From a small app showcase to an advanced marketplace with powerful merchandising and monetization, we deliver a custom store that meets your exact needs and grows as your business expands. Read more about our App Marketplaces. HERE >

We’re your partner in monetizing your IoT offering

When its time for you to create an ecosystem of partners around your IoT offering and monetize your IoT assets and the data they generate, our Monetization Suite is ready for you. Our platform is modular and scalable, empowering you to start working on your IoT commerce strategy with ease, while also having the ability to expand features and services as your requirements grow or change. We can handle everything from billing and settlement through to flexible business models that meet the needs of the ever-evolving IoT market. HERE >


Upcoming Events


Oct 18-21, 2016
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Burlington, CA



IoT TechExpo Europe 2016

Oct 20-21, 2016
Santa Clara Convention Centre
Santa Clara, CA



TU Automotive

Nov 2-3, 2016
Internationales Congress Center München
Munich, Germany


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